How to Get the Most Out of Hydrotherapy Soak in Hot Tub?

Chronic pain can be discomforting and hamper your daily life. You might rely on medications to relieve your pain. However, medicines alone are not enough. You must also look into some alternative therapies that can help you reduce your pain. One of the ways you can reduce pain is by going for hydrotherapy. And you don’t have to go anywhere to get the benefits of hydrotherapy if you have a hot tub installed in your house. All you need to make sure is that you have nearly chemical free spa water in your hot tub to get started with hydrotherapy.

So, how can you get the most out of hydrotherapy soak in your hot tub?

Use the water flow jets of the hot tub to initiate hydrotherapy

Each hot tub is different. However, if your hot tub has directed water jets, you can use them to initiate hydrotherapy in your hot tub. These jets can be directed to specific muscle areas to provide a powerful massage. But if you desire a soft massage, such water jets can do that too.

Natural Spa Cleaner

Natural Spa Cleaner

So, let the different water features of your hot tub water spa work its magic.

Set the right temperature

When you are initiating hydrotherapy, you must ensure you have set the right temperature of hot tub water. Set a temperature that relaxes your muscles but doesn’t overheat your body. Don’t keep the temperature of the hot tub water to 104° F. Instead, set it between 98° F to 100° F to ensure you get a relaxed soak without causing heat exhaustion to your body. Also, make sure to keep your hot tub spa clean using natural spa cleaner to reduce skin irritation.

Do low-impact water exercises

It is not just about soaking in your hot tub water and sitting idle. Instead, you can use this time to do some low-impact water exercises. These exercises can increase the circulation in your muscles and relax them, thus reducing the pain. You can do at least 15-20 mins of these exercises to manage your pain efficiently.

NearlyChemical Free Spa

Nearly Chemical Free Spa

Stay Hydrated

When you are soaking in the hot tub, your body will experience sweat and evaporation. It is important to keep your body hydrated to combat this excess sweat and evaporation. Drinking enough water can also help you aid the recovery of your muscles.

At SpaSolution®, we are a big proponent of having a hot tub spa in your house. And with our natural hot tub cleaner and spa maintenance products, you can maintain your hot tub water in the right quality to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy. Call our team to learn more about using hot tub water and how to maintain it with our range of products.