Hot Tub Water Soak Can Help Ease Muscle Soreness

Natural spa cleaner

Natural spa cleaner

Have you recently started a new exercise routine? Or maybe you have amped your existing exercise routine to gain more muscles and other health benefits? If so, you might be experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after 12-24 hours of your last workout routine. Now this is typical of your muscles to experience soreness after a hard and cardio-intensive exercise routine. To overcome your muscle soreness, your hot tub can be a great asset. Once you have cleaned the hot tub with a natural spa cleaner, a quick soak in your hot tub can help you ease DOMS. Let’s learn what causes muscle soreness and how a hot tub water soak can assist your muscle soreness after a workout.

Why Do Muscles Get Sore After Exercise?

When you exercise your muscles work hard. Since they work hard, they need a lot of nutrition which is provided by the nearby cells. These cells use oxygen to produce energy. This is known as cellular respiration. However, when cells don’t get enough oxygen, they start using molecules other than oxygen to produce energy and lactic acid, known as anaerobic respiration. This is the moment when you feel the burn in your muscles. Although this burn is good for you as it means you are using more energy, it is also a prevention mechanism to not push your muscles too hard. This anaerobic respiration makes your muscles sore due to minimal muscle injury and accumulation of lactic acid and other by-products.

How Hot Tub Water Soak Can Help Relieve Muscle Soreness?

When your hot tub is ready to use after a natural hot tub cleaner treatment, you can soak in it after your intense workout routine. Hot tub water can help with muscle soreness in a way that:

Natural hot tub cleaner

Natural hot tub cleaner

  • Hot tub water improves blood circulation promoting healing of the muscles.
  • Hot tub water helps bring blood from the extremities to the core of your body and with it brings important nutrients such as oxygen, proteins, and other critical molecules to repair the muscles.
  • Hot tub water also speeds up the processing of lactic acid and other by-products produced due to anaerobic respiration.
  • Hot tub water also keeps your heart rate up. This offers you post-workout cardio benefits for a longer time.
  • Hot tub water soak can help increase the concentration of somatotropin which is a growth hormone assisting in healing the muscles.
  • Hot tub water soak can help reduce the cortisol which is a stress hormone helping your muscles, body, and mind to relax and speed up healing.

As you can see, a hot tub water soak can be a game-changer to reduce muscle soreness. Moreover, you will be more motivated to continue with your exercise routine consistently. Apart from this, if you want to know how a hot tub water soak can help you with your health, keep reading our SpaSolution® blog. And while you are reading, you can check out our complete range of nearly chemical free hot tub treatment products to ensure an eco-conscious cleaning of your hot tub water.

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