6 Steps to Winterize Your Hot Tub

If you ask us, winter is the best time to use your hot tub. However, several people prefer closing their hot tub for the winter season to protect it from snow and ice damage. You have spent a large sum of money to buy and install the hot tub. So, protecting it from snow and ice damage is a good move. However, before you close your hot tub for the winter season, you must winterize it by taking a few critical steps.

Clean hot tub water and plumbing

Before you close your hot tub for the winter season, make sure to clean the water and plumbing. You might have used hot tub water previously leading to accumulation of body oils and other contaminants. Using a natural hot tub cleaner can help you break down these contaminants making it easier to drain the water in the next step.

natural spa cleaner

Natural Spa Cleaner

Moreover, your hot tub cleaner will also help you clean the plumbing and remove any gunk accumulated in the filters and pipes. Make sure to run your hot tub while cleaning it. This will ensure the cleaner runs through the plumbing too.

Drain the hot tub water

Now that you have cleaned the hot tub water, switch off the hot tub electric supply and start draining the water. Since the water is clean, you can repurpose it by watering your plants or cleaning your driveway or pathways.

Make sure your plumbing is also drained of all the water. You can also use a shop vac to drain as much water out of your plumbing as possible.

Filter cleaning

The next step is to take out the filters of your hot tub and clean them thoroughly. To clean the filter, you can use natural spa cleaner and maintenance products. These products will break down and clean any residues in the filters. Clean filters now to get an awesome hot tub experience in the spring.

Hot tub surface cleaning

You must also clean the hot tub surface before you cover it up for winter months. Clean hot tub surface gives you a clean slate to begin using hot tub in the spring. It can also avoid accumulation of suds in the spring season. Use specialized surface cleaners to clean the hot tub surface without damaging it.

Nearly chemical free hot tub treatment

Nearly Chemical Free Hot Tub Treatment

Clean the hot tub cover

Make sure to clean the hot tub cover before you cover the hot tub. Your hot tub cover may have accumulated mold or mildew on the underside. Cleaning it ensures your hot tub stays clean until spring.

Cover your hot tub

Make sure to cover your hot tub during winter to ensure your hot tub is clean. Covering your hot tub will ensure no water enters the hot tub when snow melts. Moreover, covering the hot tub will prevent anything from falling into the hot tub.

Bottom Line

Preventing your hot tub from being damaged during winter can help you enjoy the spring season. To get a nearly chemical free hot tub treatment, you can check out a range of enzyme-based hot tub cleaning products at SpaSolution®.

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