The Original Spa Solution® reserves the right to supply product to authorized dealers only and to remove authorized dealer status, without prior notice, from any seller who does not adhere to either our MAP or our Authorized Dealer and Technical Support Obligations policies as outlined below.

Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP)

The Original Spa Solution® is committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality and value. We have built a reputation for a very high standard of quality with our authorized dealers and end use customers.

To maintain this reputation, The Original Spa Solution® maintains a Minimum Advertised Price policy (MAP)
that protects the profit margins of our authorized dealers, our brand’s image, technical support obligations, and maintains growth in the marketplace.

This MAP policy only applies to advertised prices and does not apply to the prices at which the products are sold, by our authorized dealers, in-store. The MAP policy applies to all advertisements in any and all media including print, radio, television, internet, e-mail or any other electronic medium. Notwithstanding, these media restrictions, the MAP policy does not apply to any in-store advertising.

Pricing may be omitted entirely from any advertising.

Bundled promotions do not violate the policy provided that the MAP of the product is noted separately.

The Original Spa Solution® may suspend or alter MAP pricing at its sole discretion with 30 days advance notice.

The intent of this policy is to protect the interests of both The Original Spa Solution® and our authorized dealers, to support our industry image and reputation, and to enable us to maintain strong partnerships with our valued authorized dealers.

Sellers who intentionally or repetitively advertise prices below MAP, will be considered to have violated this policy.

* Current MSRP for Spa Solution is $54.95
* Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is $49.95

Authorized Dealer, and Technical Support Obligations Policy

To maintain the required quality of service and technical support for The Original Spa Solution®, authorized dealers must be capable of selling and shipping from their own retail facility and be capable of providing the technical support necessary to the end user. Sellers that designate shipments through non-owned fulfilment services only, will not maintain, nor attain, authorized dealer status. Such sellers are not identifiable and considered not available to provide the required technical support to consumers and would, therefore, damage our brand and image