Heavy Use
Should you have more than the average number of people in your spa, or ever get a slight organic odour, your spa water may need to be ‘shocked’. To be environmentally responsible we suggest Spa Chlorine Granules (99% sodium dichlor), because this particular type of chlorine dissipates out of your spa water, when you run all pumps on high with the cover open 30-45 minutes (be sure all jets are open). Before draining, and to be more environmentally friendly, test your water to ensure that all chlorine has dissipated.

Spa Solution® is also compatible with non-chlorine shocks.
Cloudy Water
Colour & clarity of your spa water can best be evaluated using a clear drinking glass. Water may become cloudy from soap residues or dyes in bathing suits. Cosmetics, lotions, deodorants, body oils, & some fragrances also may cause cloudy water. Also check pH, alkalinity levels, & calcium hardness, and adjust Only If Necessary!
Green Tinted Water
This rare condition could be from bathing suits (black, blue, or green colour suits) or blue spa filters. If none of these apply have your water tested for copper, and use a metal out product sold at your local spa store. Be sure to use a garden hose Pre-Filter when filling spa the next time which will reduce or eliminate this problem.
To Prevent Scaling
If necessary, to prevent Stain & Scale add recommended amount of a Stain & Scale control weekly. Defender, is the only non-toxic Stain & Scale control we could find.
Soft water under 200ppm may cause foaming. Have your water tested, a calcium increaser may be needed to solve this issue. Excessive foaming however, is almost always a result of soap residue left in bathing suits. Just remove with a skimmer net and rinse your filter(s). You may have to do this twice because of the foam left in the lines in your spa. Very small amounts of ‘Dirty Foam’ at times may appear, this is simply Spa Solution® taking contaminants to your filter(s), which is what it is designed to do. Double rinse bathing suits in hot water to remove dyes, soap & phosphates found in soap. A soap-less shower is recommended before entering your spa.
Spa Solution® contains a positively charged ion. Your hot tubs’ surface has a negative charge. Once in a 90-day period, they may bond, and you will notice a slight film develop on the surface of your tub. All you need to do is wipe the inside of your tub with your hand or a clean cloth to break this bond. The great result of this bonding is that is also creates a natural lubricant within your spas’ equipment, and helps prevent corrosion of metal spa parts, allowing your tubs’ mechanics to work better & longer.
Water Mould (white flakes in spa water)
If you see what appears to be a large quantity of small light coloured flakes in the spa water it may be a water mould. Please click here to view the recommended procedure for eradicating this mould.
High or Low pH / Alkalinity
Use Spa Up or Spa Down, and check again within 24-hours