Spa Solution® Product Safety

Product safety tests indicate that all products at user concentration levels are completely safe and do not exhibit any dermal, ocular or oral toxicity. We want all of our customers to feel comfortable using our product.
For this reason, we are regularly commission independent studies of our products.
The Spa Solution®
enzyme group, when used in conjunction with sanitizer, aids in eliminating many impurities from spa water. Below is a list of these.
Many independent laboratories have tested the properties of our enzyme group. In all cases, it aided in eliminating bacteria and viruses, often within 30 seconds. Here is a summary:
E. coli
Athlete’s Foot
Legionella Pneumophila
Biological Oxygen Demand
The Benton-Franklin District Health Department (Richland, Washington) ran a series of tests using the our enzyme in 1995. They were unable to get a reliable Biological Oxygen Reading (BOD) because “the oxygen depletion was too great to determine the true BOD.” This means the enzymes were so effective at neutralizing contaminants in the test solution that the test was not able to measure it. It has the same BOD rating as chlorine, yet has no toxicity to any living thing. 100% harmless to children, pets, fish, birds, reptiles, plants, rivers, lakes, streams and ponds.
Acute toxicity to Rainbow trout
Rainbow trout are very sensitive to toxins in the environment, which is why they are used in toxicity tests. An extensive series of tests with our enzymes revealed a Lethal Concentration (LC50)figure of 20,341.4 parts per million. In comparison, chlorine has an LC50 figure of 7.4 parts per million. This means the chlorine used to disinfect our drinking water is 316 times more toxic than our enzymes. What this study tells us is this: mixed with water in heavy concentrations, the enzyme is harmless. Chlorine on the other hand, is devastatingly toxic to fish and the environment.