Spa Solution

What is Spa Solution made of?

Spa Solution is a proprietary Enzyme formula with added glycerin.

Is Spa Solution safe for me to use?
Yes. These enzymes are 100% safe for living creatures!
Are my current chemicals not doing the job?
If you are comfortable with what you are currently using, stick with it. Spa Solution is a spa water treatment specifically designed for the chemical intolerant and for those who wish to have a low maintenance spa experience.
Must a sanitizer be added when I apply Spa Solution?

Most jurisdictions recommend that certain levels of sanitizer be added to your spa water. Sanitizer used in conjunction with Spa Solution should be used as per label instructions. If you are chemical intolerant, we recommend adding stabilized chlorinating granules after each use of your spa, and then running the jets on hi for 30 minutes with the cover off. This will ensure penetration of the sanitizer allowing it to attack any bacteria that may be present, and very little chlorine will be left in the water by the time you next use your spa.

Is Spa Solution certified?
Spa Solution is so safe it requires no certification or warning labels. MSDS (Material Safety Data Specification) available from our offices.
How often do I need to apply Spa Solution?
Typically, for spas up to 2000 l or 500 US Gal., one 480 ml application (one bottle) every three months is all you will need.
How often should I test my spa water using Spa Solution?

We recommend that you continue to test your spa water regularly. You will find, over time, that less frequent testing will be necessary as you gain confidence in Spa Solution.

Must I use The Penetrating Spa Cleanser -Purge as well?

Our Purge product should be used for transitioning your spa to Spa Solution (this validates our guarantee), and we recommend its use once per year thereafter. For new spas, you need only use Purge once per year, or as desired.

How does Spa Solution help our environment?
When we empty the water from our spas, any toxins present will be sent onto our lawns or into our water recycling systems. With Spa Solution, natural enzymes will be released into the environment when we empty our spas. These enzymes are harmless to living creatures.