Ease Your Arthritic Pain with Hot Tub Water Exercises

Arthritis can get debilitating. The constant joint pain can hinder your daily life and make you feel stressed. However, with effective exercises, you can ease your joint pain and manage arthritis long-term. And water exercises using a hot tub spa can be the best option. Since your joints are stiff and don’t move easily, hot water exercises can help you ease the pain, increase circulation and improve mobility. To avoid any further complications, such as skin rashes, it is always best to use nearly chemical free hot tub water for water exercises.

Prepare Yourself to Use The Hot Tub

Don’t just get right into the hot tub. Instead, prepare yourself slowly. Here’s what you should do.

  • Start by making sure that the hot tub water is clean and ready to use for water exercise. If not, use a nearly chemical free hot tub treatment to clean the hot tub water to ensure you get clean water to perform your water exercises.
  • Once you are sure your hot tub water is clean and ready, it is time to prepare your body. Start by driChemical Free Hot Tub Water nking water. You don’t want to feel too hot and dehydrated when you are in the hot tub.
  •  So, hydrate your body before entering the hot tub. You can also fill a water bottle and put it at the bar top to have easy access to it.
  • Don’t immerse fully in the hot water. It is always better to acclimate your body slowly. Start by sitting on the bar top, lowering your feet, and slowly slide into the hot tub.

Hot Water Exercises for Arthritis Relief

  • Extend your arms until your body forms a T-shape. Start rotating your shoulder while your arms make circles in the water. Keep doing it for 30 seconds. Wait for a few seconds and rotate your shoulders in other directions.
  • Submerge your shoulders and bring your forearms to the side and extend in a way so that they arChemical Free Hot Tub Cleaner e parallel to the hot tub bottom. Face the palms toward the bottom of the spa and push your fingers on the bottom of the spa while your arms are extended. Bring your arms up to the sides. Keep repeating this exercise 10-15 times.
  • To exercise your legs, flutter kicks are the best option. Extend your legs straight in the hot tub water while you are sitting in the hot tub. Start fluttering your legs one by one as if you are swimming. Kick for 30 seconds.
  • Do bicycle crunches. Sit straight in the hot tub water and extend your legs. Bring one leg closer to your chest and relax it straight. Do the same with the other leg and repeat it for 10-15 repetitions.

Now, you have a good idea of how to start your hot water exercises to ease your arthritis joint pain. If you want to read more about how to effectively use your hot tub in different ways and how to keep it clean, keep reading our blog at Spa Solution®.

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