Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot tubs are a super investment for a home owner. Hot tubs provide personal relaxation after a long day or social interaction with friends and family. In order to maintain this investment, you must treat the water with chemicals that are both environmentally friendly and healthy for your skin.

Companies like Spasolution.com are dedicated to protecting your investment through their Earth Friendly program so that you can enjoy clean water for your spa or hot tub without soaking in so many harsh chemicals or draining them into the environment. Hot tub maintenance products are an integral part of this Earth Friendly program. It is a water cleaning program designed so that each hot tub owner can learn about the proper maintenance of cleaning their own hot tub. Every hot tub owner should be educated and learn about the factors that affect the water in their hot tub such as filtration, quality of the water source, the frequency of use and foreign impurities.

The use of 100% safe and effective enzyme formulas are the foundation for this program when focused on hot tub water cleaning products. These products soften and condition the spa water, stabilize the pH, while reducing or eliminating the use of harsh chemicals. And so, when it comes time to drain the hot tub, the environment and all its living creatures are safe and protected from the leeching of unwanted chemicals. When you empty the water from your hot tub, only natural enzymes are released onto our lawns or other surfaces which are completely harmless to all living things.

A sanitizer used in conjunction with Spa Solution is a good idea as part of your hot tub maintenance products. Spa Solution is perfect and formulated for those who are chemical intolerant when it comes to hot tub water cleaning products. However, it is important to add stabilized chlorinating granules after each use of your spa or hot tub in order to attack any bacteria that may linger or be present. It is important to run the jets for about 20 to 30 minutes with the hot tub cover off to allow the stabilizer to do its job; you will notice that very little chlorine will be present the next time you use your spa.

It is a good idea to maintain your hot tub so that your investment lasts for years, subsequently prolonging years of enjoyment. And remember do not despair if your hot tub water should ever be cloudy, as there are variety of reasons for this, and all of them can be solved. Problems such as high calcium build up, low sanitizer level, cloudy water you used to fill your tub, air in the circulation pump, a dirty filter, or the presence of soaps, lotions and cosmetics can all lead to cloudy water. However, awareness and proper hot tub maintenance can prevent and alleviate problems quickly. More about this issue will be featured in a future blog.