Three Ways to Reduce Phosphates in Hot Tub Water

Being a hot tub owner comes with a lot of responsibility. The most important thing is to maintain your hot tub water to ensure you and your family can use it safely to relax and have a good time. You might use a nearly chemical free hot tub treatment to maintain the quality of hot tub water. However, sometimes you might need to put more effort into maintaining your hot tub water, especially the pH. This becomes critical when you observe a thin film on the water. This thin film is developed due to the high amount of phosphates in the water. Generally, water contains a small amount of phosphates which is not so harmful. However, a high amount of phosphates can be detrimental to your hot tub and overall experience. High phosphates can cause the formation of thin white scales on the walls of the hot tub. It can also damage the hot tub filter more quickly than its anticipated life. Moreover, it will also have an impact on your overall experience of using the hot tub. White scales can make your hot tub look uninviting and require more effort in maintenance. 

Here are a few tips to help you reduce the amount of phosphates in the hot tub and ensure a safe experience.

natural enzyme

Use a Natural Enzyme

If you want to implement a nearly chemical free hot tub water treatment, using a natural enzyme product can be beneficial. Natural enzymes usually contain strains of bacteria capable of removing organic compounds such as oils, lotions, phosphates, and more. They convert it into compounds that are easily filtered through the water cycle. Moreover, using natural enzymes can help increase the life of your hot tub and help people with allergies or skin issues to enjoy hot tub water efficiently. 

Use a Phosphate Remover

Using a phosphate remover can help you reduce the amount of phosphates in the hot tub water. These removers convert the phosphates into compounds easily filtered through the water cycle. When using a phosphate remover, you need to cycle the water more frequently than usual. The recommended water cycle is a 2-hour cycle twice a day or a 4-hour cycle once a day. This water cycling will help constantly remove the phosphates through filters and plumbing. 

Drain and RefillHot Tub Draining

Probably one of the most efficient ways to reduce phosphates is to drain and refill your hot tub water. Once you have drained the water, remove any water pockets, and use gentle cleaners to clean the surface of the hot tub to remove any phosphate residues. Once you are done with it, you can refill the hot tub with fresh water increasing the chances of maintaining it for a longer time. 

These three ways can help you reduce the amount of phosphates in the hot tub water. If you want more such tips and tricks or want to buy nearly chemical free hot tub cleaner products, make sure to check out our SpaSolution® products. Our natural, enzyme-based products will help you maintain your hot tub water for three months without any issues. 

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