Simple Guide for Hot Tub Cleaning Schedule and Safety Tips

Being a hot tub owner, you need to ensure that the hot tub water is always clean and ready to use. However, several hot tub owners either forget or don’t know how to maintain their hot tub water. This only leads to health hazards such as skin irritation and rashes or defects in the hot tub. 

Whether you use natural hot tub cleaner or chemical hot tub cleaners, you need to have a proper cleaning schedule for the hot tub water. (However, we suggest you limit chemical hot tub cleaners to maintain your health and environment.) 

Here’s a simple guide to clean your hot tub efficiently. 

Cleaning Schedule

Based on your usage and cleaning products you use; this must be your tentative cleaning schedule.

  • After each use

Using a clean damp cloth, you must clean any tide lines. And don’t forget to check the pH and sanitizer. Based on the readings, you must adjust the levels accordingly. 

natural hot tub cleaner

  • Weekly

At the end of every week, you must clean the hot tub water filter. Again, check for pH levels and sanitizer. Adjust accordingly. You can also use a natural hot tub chemical alternative for sanitizing. Don’t forget to shock the water.

  • Quarterly

Use a pipe cleaner to clean the hot tub pipes. Drain the water and refill it with fresh water. Before you fill in freshwater, make sure you clean the interior of the hot tub too. 

  • Annually

Lastly, if you want your hot tub to work efficiently, make sure you get it professionally serviced annually. 

Cleaning Safety Tips

Following are the hot tub cleaning safety tips from our experts:

  • Always turn off the hot tub before cleaning it. This will prevent any danger of electrocution.
  • Always use products that are specifically designed for hot tub cleaning. 
  • Always protect your eyes, skin, and nose before cleaning the hot tub to protect yourself from any harmful effects. 
  • Don’t use a hot tub while you are cleaning it. Also, keep all the hot tub cleaning products away from your children and pets. 
  • Follow the hot tub cleaning instructions given by the hot tub manufacturer and the hot tub chemical products. 

natural spa cleanerThe cleaning schedule and safety tips will help you maintain the hot tub efficiently. If you need natural spa cleaner products, check out our products at SpaSolution®. We have developed a complete range of enzyme-based hot tub cleaning products that are 100% natural and will give efficient cleaning without affecting your health and the environment. With us, you can make a conscious choice.