How to Prevent Algal Growth in Hot Tub Water?

A hot tub is one of the finest assets you can have installed in your home. With careful maintenance by using either a nearly chemical free hot tub treatment or conventional cleaning methods, you can add a luxurious and sophisticated touch to your space. Moreover, with a hot tub in the house, you have a wonderful spot to relax on your own or with your family or invited friends over for a party. However, sometimes minor negligence in cleaning the hot tub water can result in algae growth. In this blog post, let’s look at what is algae and why it grows in your hot tub water. We will also look at removing and preventing algal growth in the hot tub water. 

natural spa cleanerWhat are algae? What causes the growth of algae in the hot tub water?

Algae are categorised under the plant kingdom as they are physiologically similar to plants, making them different from mould and mildew, which are completely different organic substances. You can find different coloured algae in hot tub water, such as yellow, green, black, or white. The most striking sign of algal growth in a hot tub is the change in the colour of the water. It may appear cloudy or greenish. Algae not only grows in the hot tub water but also on the walls of the hot tub. If you feel the walls of the hot tub are slimy and slippery, it is a sign of algal growth. 

Algae can grow in your hot tub water due to several reasons. 

  • If you haven’t balanced the pH of the water for a long time, this may result in the growth of algae. 
  • If you haven’t sanitised the hot tub water with either conventional sanitisers or a natural hot tub water conditioner, algal growth can be imminent. 
  • Have you left your hot tub water uncovered? If so, constant exposure to sunlight can result in algal growth. 

How to remove algae from hot tub water?

If the water is clean, algae won’t grow. Hence, start with a pH balancing treatment. Usually, this can solve the issue. But if there is severe algal growth, you must shock the water with appropriate sanitisers. After shocking, you must drain the water. Use baking soda and soap to clean the walls of the hot tub, and clean the nozzles and filters with appropriate cleaners. Fill fresh water, balance the pH, sanitise it again, and enjoy a relaxing time in clean hot tub water. 

hot tub chlorine alternativeHow to prevent algal growth in the hot tub water?

To prevent algal growth in hot tub water, you need to take some basic care. Make sure that the hot tub is always covered when not in use. Always follow the hot tub cleaning schedule and replacement of filters. You can also use the natural spa cleaner product range offered by us at SpaSolution®. We are a group of driven and environmentally conscious individuals who want to bring the finest hot tub cleaning products for hot tub users. Our products are enzyme-based and will help you maintain a clean hot tub with minimal maintenance efforts. 

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