Four Tips to Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean With Less Chemicals

Do you have an indoor or outdoor hot tub? Do you like relaxing in the hot tub after a hectic work week? If so, you might agree that having a hot tub in your home is one of the best things.

It not only allows you to have a great way to relax your mind and body, but it also increases the value of your home if you intend to sell it. However, you can reap the most out of your hot tub only if you keep it clean with the right spa water products. But do you use chemical products to keep your hot tub water clean? If so, do you think this might be hurting your body and the environment? Of course, it has a negative affect. spa water productsWith the increasing awareness of using eco-friendly spa water products, it is time you might also want to make the switch to natural spa water cleaners.

Here are a few things you can do as your first step towards choosing a nearly chemical-free hot tub treatment.

  • Shower before Use

Before you enter the hot tub water, make sure to shower first. This will reduce the entry of body oils, bacteria, and other personal body products. This will further reduce your need of using as many chemical sanitizers to keep the hot tub water clean.

  • Cover Your Hot Tub

Don’t forget to cover your hot tub, especially if you want to use chemical-free spa water cleaner and treatment. Covering your hot tub will reduce the number of insects, debris, and critters from getting into your hot tub water. This will, in turn, make the effect of sanitizer last longer and decrease the need of using chemicals to keep it clean.

  • Maintain Hot Tub Water Balance with SpaSolution®

When you are using a chemical-free hot tub treatment such as SpaSolution®, you have to ensure alkalinity is between 80 and 120, then the pH is locked for you. Water hardness at 200 to 300 ppm is ideal. Improper water balance will reduce the effect of sanitizers. You would have to use more chemicals to keep it clean, if you don’t use SpaSolution® which is not ideal.

  • Filter Cleaning

Always make sure that your hot tub filter is clean. This is crucial if you want to use a chemical-free spa treatment. Clean the filter weekly and replace it every year. The frequency of replacing and cleaning the filter will also depend on the size and use of your hot tub water.

spa water cleanerThese are few tips that can help you maintain your hot tub water, and encourage you to make the switch to a natural spa treatment. If you are looking for natural hot tub cleaning products, you might want to try our SpaSolution® products. We have developed an enzyme-based treatment that will keep your hot tub water clean for up to three months. The natural formula is 100% safe and effective. With our range of natural hot tub cleaning products, you can keep yourself and the environment healthy. Contact us now to know more!