4 Tips to Conserve Water While Using Your Hot Tub

Water is key to life on our planet. Hence, saving water and being conscious about its usage is important to ensure effective water conservationNow, water conservation doesn’t mean you can’t use water facilities such as your beloved hot tub. Instead, you need to be strategic while using hot tub water. One of the main issues of using a hot tub is the requirement to drain the hot tub water periodically. Now, hot tubs can hold gallons of water depending on their size, and draining so much water periodically can seem like a huge waste. However, with the following tips you can not only save water but also keep your hot tub water experience enjoyable and relaxing.

Hot Water Spa Tub

Tip#1: Use a High-Quality Water Sanitation System

Using a high-quality sanitation system will not only keep your hot tub water clean but also help you reduce the frequency of draining the water. For example, natural spa cleaner and maintenance products ensure the water stays clean for 3 months or more depending on your usage. These products keep your hot tub water clean longer and ensure you don’t need to drain the hot tub water frequently. 

Tip#2: Check on Hot Tub Filters

A weekly check of your hot tub filters will go a long way in saving water. You can clean the water filters and check for any wear and tear. This will help the hot tub water filters to run smoothly and keep the hot tub water clean for a longer time. 

Tip#3: A Quick Bath and Quick Wash

Let’s break this tip down! So, firstly, you must take a quick shower without using soap to remove any oils and sweat from your body before entering the hot tub spa. Now this might seem counterintuitive but a quick shower without using too much water will help avoid tainting the hot tub water even further. Moreover, if you use a bathing suit while using your hot tub, it is wise to give it a quick wash too. Your bathing suit may consist of residual sweat and other impurities further tainting the hot tub water. These two things will help you reduce contamination of the hot tub water, thus reducing the need for draining the water.

Hot Water Spa Tub

Tip#4: Reuse the Hot Tub Water

Whether you use a natural hot tub cleaner or not, you can always reuse the hot tub water. Although it is not great for drinking, it can be used for other purposes. For example, you can water your plants in the front and back yard. You can use it to wash the deck, your car, or your house.

These tips will help you improve your efforts of water conservation while making your hot tub water experience enjoyable. If you want to get tips on how to effectively use your hot tub and conserve water, keep reading our blog at SpaSolution®. We are a leading provider of natural and a nearly chemical free water conditioner products that provide you with an eco-conscious method to clean your hot tub water effectively.

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