3 Ways Hot Tub Water Can Help Ease Lower Back Pain

Do you suffer from lower back pain? If so, you are not alone! Most people these days have a sitting job that affects their lower back causing prolonged pain that doesn’t seem to go away. You might be tempted to take painkillers, however, don’t make a habit of it. Instead, if you have a hot tub at your house, you can use it to get rid of lower back pain after a long day of work. Yes, that’s right! A hot tub can help you release the tension built up in the lower back and help you mitigate the pain. You can soak in a nearly chemical free hot tub water in the morning or the evening before bed. Here’s how a hot tub can help you ease lower back pain. 


Nearly chemical free hot tub water

Nearly chemical free hot tub water

Lower back pain happens due to increased tension in the muscles and lack of blood flow. When you soak in the hot tub, the heat of the water helps your body release the tension, relax, and increase the blood circulation in the muscles. This eases the pain gradually making you feel better. 


When you are walking or sitting, your bones take up the whole weight of your body causing an increase in overall tension. However, when you are soaking in hot tub water after a nearly chemical free hot tub treatment, your body weight is reduced almost by 90% due to buoyancy. This helps lift the weight from your bones and gives them time to relax. This reduces lower back pain gradually. 


Chemical free hot tub cleaner

Chemical free hot tub cleaner

Now, you can have your partner give you a lower back massage while soaking in the hot tub water. Or you can buy a hot tub that offers you massage options. There are several hot tubs on the market with massage features. Such hot tubs usually uses powerful jet sprays to give you a water massage. This can help you increase the blood flow and release the tension built up in your muscles. 

As you can see, having a hot tub can help you in the long run making you feel better every day. So, if you still haven’t got a hot tub, you must do it now! And while you are buying a hot tub, make sure to take a look at the wide range of chemical free hot tub cleaner products offered by us at SpaSolution®. We are proud to present the finest range of chemical-free hot tub maintenance products. Made with enzyme formulation and natural ingredients, our products are Eco-friendly and maintain hot tub water cleanliness for 3 months. 

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