Three Guidelines to Follow to Set Ideal Hot Tub Water Temperature

Have you decided to buy a hot tub for your home? If so, let us tell you that it will be the best investment you will make. Buying a hot tub not only gives you a way to entertain your family and guests but also allows you to create a healthy lifestyle with high productivity. With the right care and using nearly chemical free spa treatment, you can get the most out of your hot tub.

However, you can achieve the major benefits of having a hot tub only when the water temperature is set perfectly. And this is the most common question we get from our customers. What is the ideal temperature for the hot tub to have an enjoyable experience? Not too hot, not too cold! natural hot tub cleanerThe answer here is not so simple. The ideal temperature of hot tub water will depend on factors such as personal preference, the current season in your region, the type, model, and features of your hot tub, and more. However, there are certain guidelines regarding hot tub water temperature that you can follow.

  • Hot tub temperature must be below 104°F

This is the ideal temperature setting for your hot tub water, especially for adults. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has stipulated that any temperature above 104°F can be dangerous for adults. A higher temperature than this can lead to heatstroke. It is advised that you don’t set your hot tub temperature to the higher limit of 104°F. Instead, keep the temperature between 100°F and 102°F. This is not too hot and not too cold, slightly warmer to soak. And you can soak for 20 minutes at such a temperature. Also, if you use too high temperature for hot tub water, your chemical free hot tub cleaner might not work efficiently. Especially, if it is enzyme-based cleaners as enzymes tend to disintegrate at a very high temperature.

  • Don’t start with the highest setting of temperature 

As soon as you get your hot tub and it’s your first time using it, don’t directly set the temperature to the highest setting, Instead, start slow and gradually increase the temperature. For example, start with a lower setting of 98°F or99°F. Sit in the hot tub to determine how hot you want your water to be. Gradually increase the temperature to ensure that you get an invigorating experience. If you find that you want to get out of the water just after a few minutes of soaking in, your temperature might be set too high.natural spa cleaner

  • Consider personal preferences

You might use your hot tub with your family and friends. Make sure to consider their personal preference to set the temperature of hot tub water. This consideration will include age and health issues if any.

Now that you know the ideal temperature setting, you can start enjoying your hot tub efficiently. However, don’t forget to clean your hot tub with our natural hot tub chlorine alternative products from us at SpaSolution®. Our products are made using a specialized enzyme formula that is Eco-friendly and will keep your hot tub water clean for 3 months. Check out our website now.