The Original Spa Solution® and Chlorine Salt Generators in Spas

Using a natural cleaner for your hot tub is environmentally friendly to enjoy the spa experience, and the bonus is that it is healthy for your skin.

Spa owners are looking for simple ways to maintain their spa water that will reduce work and the use of harsh chemical additives. Some manufacturers and retailers are offering salt systems on their product in an effort to give customers what they want.

Many spa owners believe that by having a salt system on their spa, they are eliminating chlorine from the spa water. Not Correct. A salt system converts the salt in the water to chlorine which sanitizes the water and maintains the available free chlorine in the water.

The facts about salt systems in spas are as follows:

• Salt Systems are chlorine based
• Salt Systems cost in the $4,000 range and require maintenance
• You have to add salt and monitor the levels
• Salt Systems have to run continuously to maintain water quality
• Spa water has to be continuously monitored for balance
• Salt Systems are not environmentally friendly

In comparison, The Original Spa Solution® is an all-natural, enzyme based chemical free spa product that conditions the water and maintains the natural balance that gives you that silky, soft feeling of luxury. One application will last up to 90 days with no constant monitoring. In between usages, the spa can be shut down and it will maintain clean, clear water. Just add sanitizer as required.

Just A Teaspoon Is All You Needchemical free hot tub treatment

For sanitizing, we recommend throwing in a single teaspoon full of a granular chlorine, after using the spa. Allow the tub to run, with the cover off and the jets on, for 20 minutes. This will allow time for the chlorine to do its work and dissipate into the air leaving no harsh chemicals in the spa. It’s part of the chemical free hot tub treatment regime when looking after your spa. Replace the cover and it will be ready for your next use.

The best part of using The Original Spa Solution® is that there is no dermal sensitivity, no chlorine smell, no constant water monitoring and the addition of glycerin gives you that soft, luxurious feeling both during and after the soak, all for just under $400.00 dollars per year.

Finally, The Original Spa Solution® is environmentally friendly!