Soaking in Hot Tub Water Offers Hair and Skin Benefits

Having a hot tub on your property is certainly a blessing! Imagine coming back home after a hectic day and spending some time in the hot tub relaxing. Sounds amazing! So, if you haven’t installed a hot tub on your property, maybe you should start looking into it. Now apart from just relaxing in the hot tub, you also get several physical and mental health benefits. Soaking in hot tub water can help you get supple skin and longer hair. hot tub chlorine alternativeYes, that’s right! Soaking in hot tub water can help you improve your skin and hair health. Especially if you use a nearly chemical free hot tub treatment, hot tub water will have positive effects on your hair and skin. Here’s how. 

Positive Effects on Hair

The hot tub continuously circulates water when in use. This continuous circulation reduces the oil buildup in your hair. Hence, you don’t need to wash your hair frequently preventing it from damage. Usually, our hair produces a lot of oil. Regular shampoo and conditioner strip our hair of this naturally produced oil causing damage. But when you soak in hot tub water, you can avoid washing your hair for long and prevent damage. You can maintain the natural shine and length of your hair efficiently. 

Positive Effects on Skin

Hot tub water produces a lot of gentle steam. When your skin is exposed to this gentle steam, it helps open its pores. This makes it easier for you to remove dirt and oil easily. Also, hot tub water steam will make you sweat. This helps you release any toxins through your skin. It will clear your skin, and make it soft, supple, and beautiful. 

Caution: Avoid Using Chlorine

As you can see, hot tub water can give you hair and skin health benefits. And who doesn’t want long, shiny hair and soft, supple skin? Everyone does! But you will get these benefits only when you avoid chlorine as a hot tub water sanitizer. Chlorine is known to have negative effects on skin and hair causing dryness. Hence, instead of using chlorine sanitizer, you can use a chemical free hot tub cleaner. Such cleaners are made of natural ingredients and don’t contain any chlorine. Also, if you have skin issues such as eczema or rashes, using a chemical-free hot tub cleaner will be highly beneficial for you. 

If you don’t know where you can find chemical free hot tub water cleaner products, you can get in touch with us at SpaSolution®. We offer a wide range of natural spa maintenance products that will keep your hot tub water clean for up to 3 months. So, soak in your hot tub water without any worries and get all the hair and skin benefits.

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