Signs and Methods to do a Hot Tub Water Purge

As a hot tub owner, you might be enjoying relaxing evenings in the hot tub water after a hectic work week. And hence you already know the importance of keeping the hot tub water clean. You might be using natural hot tub cleaning products to get a nearly chemical free spa water experience. 

Now it’s great that you keep the hot tub water clean for a healthy experience. But have you ever thought about cleaning the pipes? The hot tub pipes are also a crucial component of the whole experience. Without clean hot tub pipes, you won’t get a healthy, skin irritation-free experience. So, you must do a hot tub water purge to clean the hot tub pipes. nearly chemical free spa waterBut how will you know that it is time for a hot tub purge? Here are a few signs you must look for:

  • Water is murky
  • Water smells
  • Water doesn’t stay clean for very long
  • You find that the hot tub is showing signs of plumbing issues and other unexpected contaminants
  • It has become hard to balance the chemistry of the hot tub water

These are the signs that indicate you must do a hot tub water purge right away. Apart from these signs, if you haven’t cleaned your hot tub in the past three months, you must do a hot tub water purge right away before using it. Or if you have a brand-new hot tub, make sure you go for a hot tub water purge. And there are two ways you can do a hot tub water purge.

  • Use homemade purge solution

One of the ways you can do a hot tub water purge is by using some homemade products. For example, you can use vinegar for purging your hot tub water. Vinegar is used to clean many things and it will give you a nearly chemical free spa treatment. Although vinegar seems like a great option for a hot tub water purge, the drawback is that it is quite a mild cleaner. And it will not help you get rid of biofilm in the water pipes. You need something strong enough to get rid of the biofilm. 

nearly chemical free spa treatment

  • Hot tub purge flush products

Now, vinegar might not be as effective as you might think. What you need are specialized hot tub purge flush products. These products are specifically made to clean the contaminants of the hot tub water pipes. The biofilm in the water pipes will be effectively cleaned with these products. And you can certainly get natural hot tub purge flush products. 

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