Keep Your Hot Tub Water Filter Clean

How many times do you use your hot tub water for relaxing after a hectic day of work? If you are reading this blog post, we assume quite frequently. Now, when you are using hot tub water, do you take a shower before entering the water? If not, you must know that when you enter the hot tub water without taking a shower, the lotions, hair products, and makeup products on your body are released in the water. 

Also, the natural oils produced by your body are released in the hot tub water. This affects the efficiency of the hot tub water filter. This is one of the most important parts of your hot tub. Hence, you should use a chemical or natural hot tub cleaner product to clean the hot tub filter. natural hot tub cleaner

Weekly Rinse

One of the ways you can keep the hot tub filter clean is by giving it a weekly rinse. In this rinse, you don’t need to use any filter cleaning chemicals. Instead, just take out the filter and use a gentle stream of water to clean the buildup in the filter. This will keep your filter relatively clean until you give it a deep clean. But you need to make sure that you are consistent with the weekly rinse routine. 

Regular Deep Cleaning

To ensure that the hot tub water filter stays clean longer, you must choose regular deep cleaning. In this cleaning, you need to follow these steps:

  • Prepare your hot tub filter cleaning solution. Keep the solutions ready so that you can immediately put the filter in the cleaning solution. 
  • If you are cleaning the hot tub filter for the first time, make sure to read the user manual. Or just take a refresher to make sure that you do it correctly. 
  • Before you remove the filter, make sure to switch off the hot tub. Yes, this will make it easy to remove the filter and will also avoid debris getting stuck in the vent after filter removal. 
  • After removing the filter, you must take a look for any damage. If you see that the filter is damaged, throw it away and replace it with a new one. 
  • Remove any buildup you might see in the filter and put the filter in the hot tube cleaning solution. Soak it for a few hours and then remove it.
  • Rinse the filter and let it dry completely. Replace the filter in the hot tub.

hot tub chlorine alternativeThis is how you can keep the hot tub filter clean and increase its life. And if you want nearly chemical free hot tub treatment, you can check out our range of natural hot tub cleaning products. At SpaSolution® we have created an enzyme-based hot tub water treatment that can be used as a nearly hot tub chlorine alternative to clean hot tub water and filter. 

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