Hot Tubs and Healthy Living

There is no better time than the present to embrace calm and peace. We are currently living in uncertain and unprecedented times that can add to or create stress. It is important to take efforts to reduce this stress in order to remain both emotionally and physically well. Hot tubs offer immediate release and comfort and warmth; they are an oasis in your very own home or backyard.

A hot tub is a way to disconnect from the news, stress associated with self-isolation, work demands, children, and the list goes on. A spa can be enjoyed independently or as a meaningful way to connect with your family or friends with whom you are isolated. Using a chemical free hot tub treatment can make your spa experience even more inviting, as the water is healthier for your skin, your body, and the environment.

This pandemic is extensive; it affects people world wide. Now is the time to be safe and to take necessary precautions to remain safe and healthy, as no one is immune to this virus. It is also a good time to create a sense of normalcy and to include hot tub enjoyment as part of your routine, especially when you use a natural spa cleaner that promotes a healthy life style. There are a variety of ways you can use your hot tub to your advantage during this COVID 19 outbreak. Think about the following as possible solutions to decrease your stress and to add valuable experiences to these times:

Spend Time With Those You Love

Take a break from the online homework with your kids and leave behind your own job and chores in the house, and get outside and into the tub. Here you can take full advantage of hot tub games or listen to music through outside speakers or just relax into the warmth of the water and the rush of the jets knowing that your experience is a near chemical free spa.

Unplug and Turn Off Your Notifications and Electronic Devices

You simply can’t escape the news or the comments on social media, so the best thing to do is to turn it all off. Leave your phone behind or at least turn off notifications and slip into the chemical free spa to decompress.


Ease your body down into the hot tub to allow your shoulders to be massaged by the jets. Let the tension of the day melt away and see this experience as a spa treatment. We all deserve to feel better, to feel less distressed. We all deserve to alleviate our worries for even just a short time. The dividends and rewards are priceless.

Establish A Routine

Most of us like routine and we have had to adopt a new way of living, and so it’s valuable to establish a new routine inside this pandemic. Consider the idea of beginning your day with a cup of tea or coffee while soaking in your chemical free spa. Twenty to thirty minutes of hot tub time in the morning may be the best medicine to begin your day. Or perhaps end your day with some spa time before you start to make dinner. And for those of us who benefit from sleep aids, lounging in a hot tub before bed time may be the perfect solution for a restful sleep.


We all must value our health. We all must protect the ones we love, look after ourselves, and avoid unnecessary contact with others. The more we do this, the sooner we can get back to normal. However, we may experience a new normal having established new routines and new practices. Beyond this pandemic, we must embrace the importance of looking after ourselves and our well-being. A 20 minute soak in your hot tub can make all the difference as a way to counteract stress and its effects on the human body. Let your hot tub routine remain a constant routine in your life; allow the warm water and soothing massage to relieve your stress either to begin or end your day.