Five Hot Tub Chlorine Alternative Cleaning Methods

Having a hot tub is a luxury but it is also a huge responsibility. You need to ensure that you keep the hot tub water always clean so that you can enjoy a relaxing evening when you want to. Now, most people use harsh hot tub chemicals to clean the hot tub water. But harsh hot tub chemicals are not only harmful to your body but also the environment. 

And if you want to avoid any health problems and keep the environment safe, you must start using some hot tub chlorine alternative methods. Do you know of any such alternative hot tub cleaning solutions? If not, keep reading this blog post to find out. hot tub chlorine alternative

  • Ultraviolet System

This is one of the first hot tub chlorine alternative methods. You can use UV hot water spa systems to clean the hot tub water without using chlorine. However, you need to use a spa shocker to give the hot tub water some clarity. 

  • Ionizers

Another natural hot tub cleaner method is where you add ionizers to the hot tub water. The ionizers will reduce the production of algae and bacteria. But they will not sanitize the hot tub water. So, you need to use some kind of sanitizer to keep the water decontaminated. 

  • Biguanides 

Polyhexamethylene biguanide is a good alternative to harsh chemical hot tub cleaners. This is a gentle sanitizer, so it not only cleans the water but also reduces the need for chlorine and bromine shock. But the only drawback is that it will be difficult to switch back to chlorine and bromine shocks after using biguanides. Chemically, you can’t mix biguanides with chlorine or bromine. 

  • Ozonators

Ozonators are also a great way to implement natural hot tub cleaning treatment. Ozonators will introduce ozone in the water that will prevent the development of bacteria and algae. But again, with Ozonators, you have to use sanitizer. However, the amount of sanitizer you need to use will be greatly reduced. 

But Ozonators are a costly alternative to harsh chemical hot tub cleaners. But if you have got the money and want to look fancy, go for Ozonators. natural hot tub cleaner

  • Enzyme-Based Treatment

Lastly, you can use an enzyme-based treatment to clean the hot tub water. With enzyme-based treatment, you will get nearly chemical free hot tub treatment as they don’t reduce the need for sanitizer and shock. But they certainly reduce the need for using chemicals too frequently. 

At SpaSolution®, we provide a range of hot tub cleaning products that are enzyme-based. Our products give you a 100% natural hot tub cleaning treatment that will last for 3 months. So, check out our enzyme-based hot tub water treatment products and start living an Eco-friendly life.