Environmentally Friendly Around the Holidays

It is important that we all care for and support our environment through responsible actions. We should do this all year round, but sometimes over the holiday season it can be challenging to be environmentally friendly.

SpaSolution is a company that prides itself on protecting the environment to the best of their ability by using an alternative to the many harsh chemicals all year round. Although a granular amount of chlorine is essential for any spa or hot tub, this chemical free hot tub treatment works to protect both people and the environment. Some of the most spectacular and enjoyable times to share in a hot tub is during a snowfall in the winter months. The warmth from the hot tub juxtaposed with the crisp air makes for an inviting experience for family and friends to enjoy.

In addition to using a hot tub chlorine alternative, there are many other ways that each household can contribute to a sustainable environment over the holidays, as well as a socially distant one.

Different Ways to Protect the Environment Over the Holidays

1.Purchase organic and local foods for your Christmas feast. However you plan to “feast” over the holidays, be it over Zoom or at the end of your driveway or a small family dinner around the table, delicious foods from local groceries or farms can make a significant difference to both small business and the environment.

2. Search for the perfect tree at a local tree farm that is pesticide-free. When you bring that tree home you will feel a sense of pride and relief that you were able to contribute in this way.

3. Make your own wrapping paper, or go without, or get creative with the tools that already exist in your home. Wrap your gifts with towels or the sweaters you bought, or use newspapers and decorate them with pine cones and sprigs from pine branches, or use boxes that have been saved from last Christmas. The possibilities are endless if you just add a bit of creativity.

4. Be sure to recycle or compost your tree when the season is over, so that the old tree nourishes the ground for new growth of other organic materials.

5. Christmas lights are a beautiful sight, as they make the season even more glorious. Using LED lights will save power and last longer. A wonderful activity to do together during COVID is to drive to different areas to enjoy the lights of the season, or perhaps even walking around your neighbourhood to see the lights works to further protect the impact of your environmental footprint.

6. Use SpaSolution as your chemical free hot tub treatment, in order to promote a healthier hot tub experience.