Can You Combine Aromatherapy with Your Hot Tub?

So, you have had a long workday. All you want to do is come back home and relax in your nearly chemical free spa hot tub water.

But just soaking in your hot tub water doesn’t do it for you anymore. You want something more to make sure that you get a relaxed and calming feeling. So, you started to look for ways that can help you enhance your hot tub water experience. And that’s when you found people using aromatherapy combined with hot tub water. chemical free spa cleanerYou read that people are using aromatherapy essential oils and adding them to their hot tub water. But as a responsible hot tub owner, you had some questions. Is it safe to add essential oils to the hot tub water? Are there any considerations before you add essential oils to your hot tub? Well, you are in luck! In this blog post, our experts have answered these questions for you. So, let’s see what they have got to say.

Adding essential oils to the hot tub: Is it safe?

The simple answer is NO! Since your hot tub is not constructed to circulate thicker liquids such as oils, it is not so safe to add essential oils to your hot tub. No matter whether you use chemical free spa cleaner or conventional hot tub cleaning products, adding essential oils will affect the efficiency of your hot tub. 

Considerations Before Adding Essential Oils to Hot Tub

  • As mentioned above, adding essential oils will affect the hot tub’s efficiency. The oils might result in buildup in the hot tub that becomes difficult for the hot tub filters to clean out. This can damage the hot tub filters putting a strain on your wallet. 
  • Most aromatherapy oils that you get in your supermarket are not meant to come in direct contact with your skin. Several such products are known to irritate. 
  • Make sure to follow the hot tub cleaning instructions. Clean your hot tub more frequently rather than cleaning it out too many times. 

So, you can’t use aromatherapy with your hot tub, can you?

Well, the answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no. Sure, you can’t add essential oils to the hot tub. However, there are certain companies on the market that provide aromatherapy essentials that are specifically made for hot tub use. chemical free spa treatmentSo, when you want to use aromatherapy essential oils, buy from companies that specifically say that they can be safely used in the hot tub. And once you have used aromatherapy essential oils to relax and soothe yourself, make sure to clean your hot tub water. 

To keep it chemical-free, you can use chemical free spa treatment offered by us at SpaSolution®. We provide an enzyme-based hot tub cleaning product range that will benefit you in the long run. Also, our experts are here to answer all your questions. 

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